Paul called late Sunday and said they had an albino bird at their feeders,
Fran spotted it. It returned yesterday so I went over to try for some
photos. Sat outside for four hours in the 100 degree heat, yuk, but it
finally came in close enough for some photos. We have no idea what it is,
maybe Goldfinch?, House Finch? or an Exotic escapee? 

Comment from another forum:
"Probably a young House Sparrow. Whatever it is, it's a young bird not long
out of the nest (note the swollen gape)." 

If it is relative young I doubt it's an escapee. Probably because of size
it's a House Sparrow but there's also an active Eurasian Tree Sparrow nest
with many young within 30 feet. This bird did feed on the ground with some
HOSP in the vicinity.
More photos in blog, link below.

I needed some luck, Paul was changing lenses when it came in so he missed
getting photos, luckily he got some good ones Sunday.  I'll have to remind
him of that next time we're waiting for a rare bird to come it. :)

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County (admin)

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