I've read (and enjoyed) the book, and I assume that whoever I loaned  
it to more than a year ago has read it by now, too.

I am very pleased to see that Tim has firsthand knowledge of the  
movie.  His involvement has to be a good thing for the movie and for  

Anyone who knows me knows I have a wry sense of humor that often gets  
me into trouble with our more literal-minded brethren (and sisteren?).

My best birding stories are based on humorous (after the fact)  
events, and in most of them, the laugh is on me.

No, it is not comedy or humor, itself, that gives me concern, but  
ridicule when used as a conveyor of humor.

Humor is good for the image of birders; ridicule is not.

If, as Tim indicates, the protagonists are portrayed in a sympathetic  
mode--that is, in a manner that conveys the aspects of birding that  
fascinate us and give us the drive and the satisfaction from watching  
birds--then I'll be very pleased, no matter what hilarious situations  
they endure, and I will laugh as loudly as the next viewer.

Now, the challenge will be to get Jerry to take me out in public to  
see the thing.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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