I did some intense birding this past spring and took thousands of
pictures. I wenth through most of them by now and posted some on
I drove from Missouri to Quivira and Cheyenne Bottoms, KS, from there
to Santa Fe, NM. Birdered around Albuquerque and then headed south to
Clanton and Guadalupe Canyons, NM. From there headed to Big Bend SP,
from there to Kerr Co. (TX) and then back home. At the end of May we
took a family vacation and went to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA. Got
12 lifers total.
Some highlights:
Ruff (NM):
Flammulated owl (NM):
Whiskered screech-owl (NM):
Varied bunting (TX):
Colima warbler (TX):
Black-capped vireo (TX):
Golden-cheecked warbler (TX):
Bachman's sparrow (GA):

Plus tonns of other birds that you can see in these galleries:
New Mexico:


If you need info on the exact locations or tips on find certain
species I can send more details per request.
Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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