I have been stopping by the flooded football field at Big Muddy NWR in chesterfield the past few days. It is drying up fast but is still holding about 30 Pectoral sandpipers and KIlldeer, Semi palmated Sandpipers, Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers and one Dowitcher sp. this AM.

yestderday I drove firma road back to Dalbow road which is now open all the way to 79, Still lots of habitat on Firma all the way to Dalbow and the first quarter mile of Dalba. Easily a thousand shorebirds scattered along a couple miles. I got there when the storm hit  and the birds were moving everywhere , quite a sight. Along with the previously mentioned species I had Least Sandpipers, both yellowlegs,  and 1 SemiPalmated Plover alng with a quick flyby of a small flock of possible black-bellied Plovers. When these spots dry up there is more deep water along Dalbow that should last a little longer

No Brad Pitt or Connie Alwood sighting yesterday.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, Mo.


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