Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen auf aller Welt,

ich melde mich aus Ungarn mit einer kurzen Nachricht über unsere Projektreihe anläßlich des 200. Jubiläums von Goethes Farbenlehre.

Zwischen dem 5. Oktober und dem 28. November werden wir mit diversen Partnern - mit Künstlern, Kunsthistorikern, Graphikern, Physikern, Anthroposophen und mit dem Goethe-Institut in Budapest - verschiedene Programme zur FARBENLEHRE haben. Es finden Podiumsdiskussionen, Ausstellungen und Experimente statt, und es gibt auch eine Konferenz zur Rolle der Farben in der bildenden Kunst.

Die meisten Programme sind zwar auf Ungarisch, es gibt dabei auch eine Ausschreibung, die auch ohne Ungarischkenntisse zu bewältigen ist. Ich hänge meiner Email die Ausschreibung zur GOETHEORIE auf Englisch (als international language) an - und wäre Ihnen dankbar, wenn Sie diese an interessierte Menschen weiterschicken würden. Bewerbungsfrist ist der 14. September 2010.

Mit vielem Dank und herzlichen Grüßen aus Budapest

Márta Nagy

Dr. NAGY Márta
elnök / Präsidentin
Magyar Goethe Társaság / Ungarische Goethe-Gesellschaft
1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 58.<>
Tel: 00 36 1 3744075

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Goethe’s “Theory of Colours” appeared in 1810. On the occasion of the bicentennial anniversary of the book the Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers (MATT) announces an international design competition entitled “Goetheorie”. There is no restriction on genre or style. Posters, logotypes, visual publications, typographic works and autonomous artworks are appreciated and welcomed alike.
Goethe’s Theory of Colours is complex and symbolic. Scientific reasoning? Maybe. A critical writing? Perhaps. A secret manifesto to save the future for our World and for its mankind? Or is it a harsh critique of the speculative and pre-calculated inhuman rationalism for a more sensual human existence? What can we see today through this 200-year-old theory? Where did our World get to since Goethe’s time and where are we heading now?

Individual designers over the age of 18, design groups and corporate bodies have the right to enter the competition. Participants cannot submit works as a member of more than one group. When registered for the competition, it is also a declaration on the part of the participants, that the submitted works are their own intellectual property and they do not offend other people’s personal rights in accordance with the copyright law. Entrants agree to hold MATT unliable for any claims that may be made against it by reason of exhibiting the entries. Securing releases is the sole responsibility of the entrant. Submission of entries is acknowledgment of these terms. There is no application fee.

Works to submit
Works from any domain of graphic design or typography can be submitted. Any artwork is eligible, that bears direct or indirect verbal or pictorial relevance to J. W. Goethe’s Theory of Colours and/or to the title of the competition. 
Entries must be printed out in a format that should not exceed 70 × 100 cm. The maximum number of entries are limited to 5 artworks per participant. Each entry must be accompanied by an application form and the digital version of the artwork on CD or DVD ROM (size A/4, 300 dpi CMYK TIF or EPS. No PDFs are acceptable!), along with the details marked with asterisk in RichText (RTF) format.

Submission of entries
Each entry must be accompanied by an application form. Forms must be completed and attached to the back of the artwork. Entry materials are to be mailed to, or personally handed in at the following address:

1012 Budapest
Logodi utca 30.

Delivery can be carried out between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays. Please, write clearly on the package: “Goetheorie”.

Selection and jury
Submitted materials will be judged and selected by an international jury. The winner will be awarded the MATT Professional Prize. The best 50 selected entries will be exhibited within the framework of Graphifest 2010 at the Design Terminal Budapest, Hungary. MATT will publish a catalogue on the 50 exhibited artworks.

The Jury: 
Megi Zumstein & Claudio Brandun (Hi), Zsolt Ligetfalvi, representing MATT, Attila Cosovan, representing the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Márton Juhász, Márta Nagy, István Orosz.

The Exhibition
The opening ceremony of the exhibiton “Goetheorie”  will be held at Design Terminal Budapest on 5th November 2010 at 6 p.m. as part of the series of art events “Graphifest 2010”.

In the framework of “Graphifest 2010”, MATT is organizing presentations with the participation of experts from the international community of graphic design. More information and details will be published shortly on the official website of the competition.

Deadline for submissions ; 14.09.2010 

For more information on the exhibition and the presentations, please click on
More details on Graphifest 2010 are available on

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