The web-based, bi-lingual, refereed on-line journal, “Glossen,” announces its 30th issue with contributions by Ahne, Michael Augustin, Michael Fritz, Joachim Walther, Liselotte M. Davis (Translator), Billy Badger, Christine Cosentino, Gabriele Eckart, Damon Rarick, Wolfgang Müller, Utz Rachowski, Hans Joachim Schädlich, and Barbara Mabee.

For its 31th issue “Glossen," which will allow for more inter-activity, invites contributions on topics related to German literature, film, and art after 1945. In particular, for this issue, we welcome contributions related to the works of Hans Joachim Schädlich and Herta Müller.

Manuscripts and other materials should be submitted as an electronic attachment.

These materials should be sent to Wolfgang Müller, managing editor, or to any of the other editors by October 20th, 2010.  Manuscripts may be in German or English.  Normally, they should not exceed 15 - 20 pages.

“Glossen” welcomes the use of graphic materials, sound, and video clips.

Visit the web site for “Glossen” at:

                                        Wolfgang Müller, managing editor
                                        Department of German
                                        Dickinson College
                                        Carlisle, PA 17013
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