Dear Colleagues:

Activity has picked up again on the collaborative work on Volume II of the
Women Film Pioneers website and printed volume, and I am writing to see if
any of you with expertise in early cinema and/or women filmmakers in
Germany and Austria would like to join the project as authors, archival
researchers or translation consultants. The volume and accompanying
website will include essays on individual female
directors/screenwriters/producers etc., along with primary sources, visual
materials and resource references and bibliographies.

The filmmakers/writers who have yet to be assigned to authors are as
follows: Fern Andra, Salke Viertel, and Maria Leitner.

Please contact me if you are interested in writing a short
encylopedia-style essay on one of this fascinating women. or if you will
be working in relevant archives and would be interested in seeking out
primary materials for the other authors and editors to work with. 

If there is a German or Austrian woman film pioneer you are already working on or
are especially interested in, please let me know and I could team you up
with the assigned author to co-research or co-edit the piece. And it is
entirely possible that you know of a female film professional from the
pre-sound era who is unfamiliar to the project team, so please share your
interests and expertise liberally.

Best wishes,

Sara F. Hall, PhD
Associate Professor of Germanic Studies
Chair of the Minor in Moving Image Arts
University of Illinois at Chicago

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