Cliff swallows is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the edification.

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City 
Cole County

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Amy,  I assume you meant Cliff Swallows as a single Cave Swallow in the
state would cause a stampede to the site.


> I took my lunch break in the Steak & Shake parking lot to see what I could
> see.
> Obviously, I was hoping for the painted bunting, the female in particular.
> I
> also hoped to get a look at a possible Bewick's wren that Al Sharpton
> alerted me
> to.
> As soon as I got out of the car, I heard Mr. PABU. He was sitting in the
> top of
> the shrubby-looking tree behind and just to the left of the dumpster
> grooming
> himself and singing about it. I was surprised at how close he let me get,
> even
> in my bright red shirt. (I guess he, of all birds, can't discriminate for
> that!) I walked in increments from my car to the curb, which is maybe 30
> feet
> (???) from the tree, and he stayed put for several minutes. Finally, he
> flew off
> toward Slumberland (I don't blame him. I'm tired too.), and I lost track
> of him.
> I stuck around for a little bit (I only get a half an hour for lunch),
> listening, watching and scanning the trees, but I didn't see Mrs. PABU or
> any
> wrens. I did, however, see a male American goldfinch, a blue jay, a bunch
> of
> purple martins (There's a large house near the Wal-Mart parking lot. It
> was put
> up by Steve and Regina Garr when their store, Birds-I-View was in the
> adjacent
> lot.), several cave swallows and a male northern cardinal. Notably absent
> were
> common grackles, house sparrows and European starlings.
> So, even though I didn't see my target birds, I think that 6 native
> species in
> 15 minutes of birding in a dinner parking lot is a pretty good lunch
> break!
> Amy J. Hoffman
> Jefferson City
> Cole County
> P.S. I also didn't see any cats.
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