I arrived at 7:15 to see the rails-total of 6, 1 adult and 5 HY.  The adult was helping the young round up frogs and other food, occasionally feeding the nearest bird. She put them under a willow and then went off and fed herself.  The HY birds were just starting to grow their flight feathers.

I went down to the other rail pool, now too dry to be interesting to the rails.  Across the levee the plowed field is being flooded and I found 7 species of shorebirds: Killdeer, Solitary (15), Spotted (12), Semipalmated Sandpiper (1), Least, Pectoral (many of each), Lesser Yellowlegs (1). Probably near 200 birds total. 
3 Mississippi Kites were overhead-looked like one adult and 2 HY.  I had a flock of 50(!) Wood Ducks.

Dalbow is flooded about 1/2 mile east of 79.  You can get around over the railroad tracks by following the Firma Loop.   The fields look good, and will probably be perfect sometime this week.  I had over 350 Bank Swallows on the wires just short of the Firma/Dalbow intersection.

Good Birding
Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.
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