I drove up to Clarence Cannon NWR in Pike County this morning, arriving about 7:15 am. I found an adult King Rail and five immature birds at .4 mile (closer than previous birders had found them). They were in view the entire 45 minutes that I watched them. I got out of the car to get better looks and that did not spook them. I ran into another birder about 11:00 in another part of the refuge and he said that two had been in view around that time but when I left around noon I did not see any rails.
From the Visitor's Center, turn left, and at the corner, turn right, and continue .4 of a mile. There is a large stretch of wter on the right side of the road, and the rails were spread out on the opposite shore. While I was filming from my car, an adult racoon and two young ones walked along the near shore just feet from my car. I also saw river otters and got video but no photos. Here is a link to my photos from today:
Yvonne Homeyer
St. Louis
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