I made a third try for the Blue Springs Lake Brown Pelican at 6:00 p.m. this evening. As I arrived, the Zellmers and Trent Reed were leaving. A couple of men whose names I do not know also arrived separately with scopes to join the vigil. One of them gave up after a while. The other remained to the bitter end. Eventually, Ruth Simmons and Nancy Leo also arrived. We waited until 8:45. No BRPE.
The "Patagonia effect" was in force, however. I spotted what I believed was a NEOTROPIC CORMORANT among the Double Crests. Nancy later observed the bird from about 75 yards closer and confirmed the ID. She will write it up for MBRC.
I also made a foray across the dam during which I observed a male Cooper's Hawk. Also present was an Osprey who flew in with a fish at one point.
There was mention of a possible second NECO. 7-8 DCCOs were present.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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