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I didn’t mean to imply that the phase II award from the NPS to Utah State University was a poor use of our tax money. I believe the white bark pine/Clark’s Nutcracker relationship needs more study. I’m thrilled some money is being routed this direction.


By way of explanation, in my work world there are about several monikers that all mean Congress is specifically telling a Federal Agency how they will spend some of the dollars appropriated to them. Pork barrel, earmarked, and single source recipient are all terms that indicate a competitive award of the fund is not occurring and the money will be spent as Congress line items it. I guess the term pork barrel has gained a negative reputation but that wasn’t what I meant by using it.


Susan Hazelwood

MOBirds-L Co-Owner

Columbia, MO

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So, Susan do think that this is really a "pork barrel" venture? Or do you think that it is a legitimate project looking out for the fauna (nutcracker) and habitat in Utah?

Just wondering! Perhaps you know something that I don't.


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Subject: No Sightings - Some Pork Barrel for Avian Research
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The National Park Service, US Department of the Interior, has announced plans (at the direction of Congress) to continue Phase II of a cooperative agreement with Kim Sullivan, Department of Biology, Utah State University to study the “Home Range and Resource Use of  Clark’s Nutcrackers in Glacier National Park.” Amount of the award is $25,000 and it will run through May 30, 2012. Point of contact with the National Park Service is Jenny Sommer, Agreements Specialist, Phone 303/969-2392.


The abstract of the proposed work says:

“Utah State University (USU) will continue its collaboration with the National Park Service (NPS) to quantitatively measure habitat use by Clark’s Nutcracker at Glacier National Park. This study will specifically investigate the gaps in the mutualist relationship between the nutcracker and whitebark pines, the importance of conifer habitats, population wide fecundity and the relationships between monitoring protocols and the Clark’s Nutcracker.


Substantial involvement on the part the National Park Service (NPS) is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award.  NPS staff will work with USU researchers to provide park guides, field logistics coordination, and potential study locations. NPS staff will also aid in the project planning and product review.”


Glacier NP is such a beautiful place. Just thought I’d share a tidbit of what is happening bird-wise out there.


Susan Hazelwood

MOBirds-L Co-Owner

Columbia, MO 65211

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