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Tuesday, shortly after 4pm: one, possibly more, peregrine playing around &
above the Pink Palace (Thos. F. Eagleton Federal CH), downtown St Louis.
Wednesday, same time: 2 turkey vultures soaring over the Robt. A. Young
Fed'l Bldg, Tucker & Spruce, downtown St Louis.  Omen?
wednesday, 7ish, Columbia Bottom CA, as the rain passed: In reference to my
earlier question about black-necked stilt young?  One calls them 'awkward'.
 I saw 4 chicklets, attended by one very harried adult, who kept trying to
clear the area of killdeer.  Fat chance.
Also at CBCA, my foy black-crowned night heron: group of 4, perched on snags
on the river side of the slough crossing, and a singleton on one of the
ponds farther toward the confluence parking area.  Just at the bend before
the confluence parking, at least 5 wild turkey in the standing corn, next to
a deer.  Dickcissel calling everywhere, almost as many redwings, many great
egret, some great blue heron, one little blue, saw many heron/egret heading
for the roost.  And indigo bunting, and horned lark,  barn & tree swallows,
and LBBs.   And a double rainbow.
Nice evening!

Ken Thompson   ([log in to unmask])
Moline Acres (North StLouis County) MO

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