As Jason reported we had a great time taking images of the Rails at Clarence 
Canon on Monday.

On my way out I stopped at area headquarters and shared my images with the 
staff. Mobirders may be interested in the comments from Candy Chambers, 
Assistant Manager. She believes there are at least three broods of rails on the 
area. From my images she believed what we saw initially was a chick from 
the older brood. It is more fully feathered than the others, something they 
don't see often because mature chicks are mostly hidden. The one we watched 
was probably feeding on it's own. The other family with one female adult and 
four chicks was a different brood, possibly one which had moved over from 
the other location. So we were watching a mixed group.

When I arrived, I met Derrick and he gave me the location of the brood with 
the female and young and the male some distance away. When I arrived I had 
the opportunity to watch a family of otters playing in the water. When I moved 
down the road, they crossed over the road to that field and vanished. The rail 
ignored the whole deal. When Mark arrived we watched the young feeding for 
a while then Mark saw the female and four chicks in the grass heading over 
the levy to the pool. They crossed the levy and we watched for about and hour 
taking images. The group was mixed and you could observe the difference in 
size and feathering. I don't believe we saw a separate male adult, only the 
female with the young.

Jason has posted many great shots so I just posted two: the older young I 
discussed with Candy and the female crossing the level. See the images 

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