I spent parts of the past two days looking for the Painted Bunting at the
Steak and Shake in Jefferson City.  I found the female yesterday at 11:00
a.m.  She was in the tree just to the west of the trash enclosure at Steak &
Shake.  She was calling continuously for about three minutes.  At that time
I didn't find the male.

I went back this morning and arrived just as the monsoon struck.  I waited
it out and 45 minutes later (about 9:30) the male was on top of the tallest
tree near the order box at the restaurant.  It sang there for a couple of
minutes then flew to the south over the Wal-Mart parking lot to the row of
trees along the creek (Stone Creek?) separating Wal-Mart from the store
beyond it.  After about 10 minutes if flew back and was with the female in
the tree where the I saw the female the day before.  It hung around that
area moving to the chain link fence below and back to the tall trees before
flying over Steak & Shake and across Missouri Blvd. into the park.  Despite
remaining there for another 20 minutes neither bird appeared again.

The male obviously has a rather large territory.  If it isn't around the
Steak and Shake be patient, that seems to be the center of the territory and
I suspect the nest is either in the tree by the trash enclosure or very nearby.

Tom Crabtree
A visiting Oregon birder

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