Quick post.....tired.

To piggyback on Dave Rogles post:

Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike co. ~ 11 AM to 12:15 PM
- Saw the 6 KING RAILS - one adult, 5 HYs
Same are as others have been seeing them 
- Heard in this area: several Sedge Wrens, Marsh Wren and Willow flycatcher
- Saw 5 MS. KITES (+ ?) where Dave had 3
May have been more, there were so many birds up in the air feasting on dragonflies/bugs
and catching the thermals (kites, swallows, TVs, other raptors) not sure of the count...may have been more 
- Several TVs, some decided to leave their "calling card" on our van as a welcome 
to the refuge it locally raining.? ;-)
- GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS across the road from the old King Rail area.

Firma Road, St. Charles co (straight stretch before Dalbow)
Had several hundred shorebirds here. Yes most of them Killdeer, BUT there were others
mixed in. Looked like pects, yellowlegs and Solitary. Mid afternoon viewing was difficult 
due to heat distortion, morning or late evening would be better.
Actually saw several Solitaries scattered here and there along the Peruque Creek/Firma/
Dalbow Roads loop.

Hwy B/Kampsville Road, St. Charles co.
Had lots of egrets, hundreds of Killdeer with good number of pects mixed in along
the drainage furrows in the field. 
Might be good to check this out before the heat dries this area  completely
in the next day or two.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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