I watched the WOST feeding again this morning between 8 & 9 a.m. It was in same location - SE corner of main pool from corner of rd 535 off hwy Y. Look in the direction of the hill along the river where the towers are [ Larry and I saw a kettle of 50+ Turkey Vultures over that hill Monday.], The WOST  has been feeding along the willows and button bush there. The Pelicans , GB Herons, and a couple of Great Egrets are often feeding in that area as well. May have to be patient as the bird sometimes moves out of sight behind the trees and bushes. Myrna Carlton came out this morning and finally got to see it on her third try. It was preening at 9:30 when I wandered off to look elsewhere. When I came back an hour later it was perched up on a button bush in the same area. 
 Shorebird numbers have dropped further and only saw one Black Tern today. saw some Wood Duck, a Mallard, 3 Shovelers, and the male Pintail. Red-winged Balckbirds are flocking up and feeding in the wet grasses. Heard FOS Bobolink and Sedge Wren for there. I had been expecting them anytime. 
I will not be able to check on the WOST for the next few days, so if anyone looks for the bird they need to post the results please.
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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