I'm trying to soak up summer. Gave up the Friday night line up on PBS
(news etc) for sitting on the patio.. with a  small glass of "adult
beverage" ( as Charlene would say), my binocs, my camera, my book.. oh,
yeah.. always multi-tasking.
 Here's what you might miss if you're enjoying the air conditioning and the
tv , computer, supper.. whatever.

1.  Two very small young Eurasian tree sparrow sitting on the power line..
their head surrounded by a cloud of gnats.. and they have not yet figured
out that supper is served.
2.  A very sneaky ruby-throated hummer , just almost out of your peripheral
view, sneaking a drink.
3.  A pair of C. Chickadees taking turns (very politely) at the sunflower
4. A family of house finches swooping in and sitting on the fence.
5.  Two young male cardinals flitting about and jousting.. practicing
territorial behavior.  Then big daddy (with molting head) comes in and
settles things.
6.  Incomplete bird song.. coming from large , very leafy tree.. just can't
quite make it out.  Then seeing 6 E. starlings fly out and away.
7.  Young blue jay practicing it's warning call.. over and over.. sort of
timid, without confidence.. I look around for trouble and a Coopers hawk
flies over the yard at about 25 feet high.. never pausing.
8.  A dot in the sky, when "glassed" ( loved Chris Barriger's use of that
term), is a chimney swift.. so graceful, swooping and diving.
9.  A devilish Carolina wren, singing from very leafy tree, taunting me..
"find me'' it says.. to no avail.

So without taking a picture, reading a page, I am satisfied with my drink
(nearly sliding out of the chaise) , the setting sun, and the birdsong.. I
didn't miss at all the  round up of the weeks news. And I'm heading out for
soft serve ice cream.. for supper.
   And as I end this , that Carolina wren is mocking me....the nerve...

Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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