I found a Wood Stork this morning at the Thompson River Wetland, NW of Chillicothe.  It appears to be a second year bird. It flew off out of sight and I could not relocate it before having to go to work. This evening I went back out and joined Terry McNeely who was already there searching for it. He finally spotted it late this evening and we got good scope looks and a photo.

 TRW is a private WRP area but much of the area the bird was in can be viewed from a dirt/mud county road.
 Directions:  Take hwy 190 at the north end of Chillicothe and go west about 7 miles across the river bridge. Parts of the wetlands will be on both sides of the road at this point. To get to the area where the WOST was continue west to blacktop Y and go north 1.5 miles to road 535 on the right., this is across from gravel road 520. The access from here is pretty muddy, as is the road. May want to park at the corner next to Y and walk in with appropriate footware. The bird was last seen next to a line of Willows SE of the corner where 535 goes south.
There was also Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, Pelicans, Ducks including Northern Shovelers, and Northern Pintails, Geese, and 1,000 or so Shorebirds!. Most numerous were 100's of Killdeer, but also good numbers of various Sandpipers, some Yellowlegs, Dowitichers, etc. Really did not spend much time looking through the shorebirds today.
Several of us will be out looking for the WOST in the morning, so will post update later.

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