I of course overslept so ran out without coffee and met Mary Nemecek at the pelican parking lot at 6:45. It was not there. So we drove out to Woods Chapel to scan both sides of the dam and joined up with Heidi Rutherford. Still no bird. Drove through Blue Springs lake park scanning the lake at various locations with no luck. Heidi had to be elsewhere and we continued through the park and got nice looks at an Eastern Towhee. Mary had to go so we split and I took one last look at the original roost site. There he was! This was at 8:30. Called Mary, caught her at McDonalds at 40 and 291. She came back and we both got some pictures. He stood up for a minute and then settled back down for a mid-morning nap. It may be that he will use this tree again this evening, so I would try around sunset. You can get to Woods Chapel Rd from 40 Hwy as well, the stretch between 291 and Liggett Rd is under construction. Go east on Liggett, just over the small bridge and turn left into the parking lot. Take the sidewalk at the right side of the lot, go down the hill a bit and scan back to the left for the largest dead tree in the middle of the water. That's his tree.
I may try to get out there this evening. If you would like to contact me you can call my cell: 816-678-1217.

Happy birding, Ruth Simmons Lee's Summit, Jackson Co., MO [log in to unmask] "A nation behaves well if the natural resources and assets which one generation turns over to the next are increased and not impaired in value." (Theodore Roosevelt)

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