A small group of us watched at least 5 King Rails this morning at Clarence Cannon NWR.   The largest number of rails was found along the first road that leads toward the river.  Enter the refuge with the visitor's center on the right.  Turn left and follow that road till it turns right.  The rails were in the pond area .6 miles down that road on the right.  We also saw one juvenile at the area Al Smith and Paul Bauer originally posted with directions.  We saw a ranger just before walking the levee and he told us that he hadn't seen the rails at the end of the levee on Monday because the area had begun to dry up.  We did not find the Virginia Rail. 
The group of rails along the road included 3 female adults and a number of juveniles of different ages and sizes.  We viewed them at various times between 6 am and 8 am. 
After looking for 5 years, I finally found a Mississippi Kite on a nest in Webster Groves!
Pat Lueders, Webster Groves, MO
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