Sunday morning (7/11/2010) Jackie Chain and I observed the King Rail and Virginia Rail at Clarence Cannon NWR as previously found/posted by Al Smith and Paul Bauer... THANKS for such good directions , maps and all.  These are both LIFE Birds for me. There was an adult King Rail and five juveniles, hurriedly scurrying around and eating. The Virginia Rail was alone. 
    We arrived to find Jim Malone watching them and shooting pictures.  As we were leaving, David Becher was taking the long walk out to see them .
    Also as we were leaving, driving down the section of the road that is perpendicular ( as far as I can tell) to the Mississippi River, we saw an additional adult King rail and and a much younger juvenile along the willows adjacent to the water/road.
    I only took pictures of these latter birds as they were pretty close.  They can be seen at  in the "birds in the backyard and elsewhere" gallery (the first couple of pictures). 
   See previous post by AL Smith for great directions.  

Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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