Amy and all:
I had some business to conduct out in Central MO. today, so I drove over to Jeff City to look for the Painted Buntings. I was hoping to photograph the male if possible. I spent 2 hours there at the Steak N Shake from 10am to noon. The male showed up and was singing in a tall tree behind the restaurant. He would sing for several minutes and the first two times he was there, I couldn't find him in the leaves. I saw him when he flew off toward the west and went out of sight.
The third time he sang in the same tree, I did spot him in the leaves but it was impossible to get a photo because he was so hidden. He again flew off to the west to an undetermined place.
No female was seen in the area. There were two stray cats hanging around the dumpster when I was there. If there was a nest in the area, these cats would probably find it and destroy it. I guess that's why I love dogs!
Anyway it was very disappointing and the highlight of the day was a double steakburger with pickles!
I hope others have better luck if you go there,
Dave Pierce
St. Louis County
On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Amy J. Hoffman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I went at lunch time to try to catch a glimpse of the Steak n' Shake painted bunting in Jefferson City. I couldn't remember the detailed location that was included in an earlier e-mail, so I started out looking down the hill toward Wal-Mart, but I only saw grackles, house sparrows and starlings there. Before long, however, I heard a nice bunting-ish song coming from the other direction - toward Taco Bell. I found the male sitting one of the taller trees singing. I was only able to keep him in view for a moment though, as he quickly slipped behind some leaves. I kept watching for the female, but I didn't see her.
While I was looking, I felt a little embarrased to be standing by the dumpsters with binoculars and for good reason. When I looked over at the drive-through line, there was my boss, looking at me and shaking his head!
Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City,
Cole County

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