Chris B. and MObirders -

I recall another Prothonotary Warbler nest site over on the Kansas
side several years ago.  They were nesting in 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe
that was coming out of the ground at less than 1 foot.  The pipe was
set in the ground at a 45 degree angle and facing west.  Any body
of water was a long way away.  Our field trip members were all
surprised and elated at observing such a beautiful bird.  This was
in Crawford County, straight west of Pittsburg several miles, in
extreme se Kansas.  The area was shaded, but was quite a distance
from any body of water.  

Years ago I studied their nesting natural history with both 1/2 gallon
milk containers and also with bluebird size nesting boxes.  I had an
80 % nesting activity.  You build them and they will come.  

Good birding,  Larry Herbert, Joplin MO.  

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