St. Louis area birders : Shorebird habitat

IL side:
Torrey Berger called , he talked to the staff at Horseshoe Lake SP, Madison co., IL
They said they have the money, fuel, etc but the river to where the pumped water will go is way too
high so there will be no draw down of the duck impoundment at the Walker Island causeway. 

Will have to depend on Monroe/St. Clair co. area for shorebirds.
That is if the fluddles do not dry up first. 
Some were so huge and deep, they could be a good magnet. 

Have not heard about anything over near Carlyle. 

MO Side:
Jim Malone reported that Dalbow and Firma Roads are flooded (roads off of Hwy 79)
and they should be good for shorebirds in a while...that is if the Rivers go down.
Dave Rogles had a single Solitary Sandpiper in this area this last weekend.

Good shorebirding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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