I was back out to the Thompson River Wetland Tues before 7 a.m. after seeing a nice bunch of shorebirds on Monday. The only ones I saw were Killdeer and finally one Greater Yellowlegs that dropped into some vegetation. The rest had moved on. The flock of 50+ White Pelicans were still there, couple Great Egrets had come in and saw a pair of Blue-winged Teals I had not seen before.
 I ran down to Fountain Grove CA yesterday morning and found quite a bit of mudflats and shallow water but NO shorebirds other than a couple Killdeer. I think sometimes the birds don't like areas that have been under flood waters too long.
I went back out to TRW this a.m. Water levels higher after Very Heavy Rain yesterday and some places growing up in vegetaion. I found several Least Sandpipers, and one Solitary Sandpiprs, and of course Killdeers. Hopefully more will come in after water goes down again.
Steve Kinder
 Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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