A little off subject, but not so much. . . 


Awhile back when visiting the Patton House in SE Arizona, I saw something that no one else there visiting saw (at least that they audibly expressed).


There were about 30 of us (mostly varying degrees of photographers trying to get "that special shot" of any and all hummers that were visiting the feeders). We were huddled under the canvas awning as we had just experienced the first part of the monsoon season.


Everyone was ooh-ing and awe-ing as shutters flashed away, when at the far right feeder I saw a Red-shafted Flicker fly into the feeder, then leave nearly as quickly as it had arrived. I poked my friend who also trained his attention to that feeder.


We soon saw that Yellow Jacket were coming to that feeder which in turn brought in the Flicker to snap up the Yellow Jacket. We performed a mini-celebration over what we had just witnessed, and our enthusiasm was noted by one then another under the tent. Soon everyone was craning their necks in the direction of my spotting scope as I prepared to digiscope the next "ambush".


Why settle for ants when there's an "all-U-can-eat" buffet of fat juicy Yellow Jackets?


Good Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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