Hello Mobirders:
     I've had a few good birds this year on Green Acres (our street in Glen Carbon) and the adjacent hiking trail (Canada warbler, pileated woodpecker), but maybe the bird of the year to date was the barn owl my wife Jill and I saw coming home last night from the Fourth of July fireworks display in Troy, Ill.
     Coming up the hill on Green Acres toward our house, I spotted movement in the tree along the road and Jill said she clearly saw an owl as we went past, heading up the hill. We turned around at the top of the hill and eased back down and got about a 5-second look at it b4 it flew. I was very surprised and happy to see it was a barn owl.
     Had them here for at least a week or so a few years back, in my back yard and flying around the street and adjoining farm. Saw and heard them several times. But last night was the best look I've had at one on our street, and it was a life bird for Jill! Better than fireworks! -- Steve Whitworth, Glen Carbon, Ill.
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