My in-laws came up to CoMo to visit us this weekend.  Seeing as my
father-in-law was the original reason for my interest in birding, of course
I took the opportunity to go birding with him this morning.  We started out
at about 8:30AM at Three Creeks CA just off Hwy 63 between Columbia and
Ashland, MO.  It was a treasure trove of summer birds.  We counted at least
42 species with one or two 'heard-its' that we can't remember.  Best
represented from our angle on the park were Field Sparrows, Common
Yellowthroats, Indigo Bunting, and American Goldfinches.  Also
well-represented were the flycatchers, with several Great-Crested
Flycatchers, Eastern Phoebes, and Eastern Wood-Pewees and a handful of
Acadian Flycatchers.  White-Eyed, Red-Eyed, and Bell's Vireos were all in
attendance, Bell's Vireo being a lifer for me.

Aside from the lifers/FOY birds, highlights were an immature/female Summer
Tanager, a great look at six Kentucky Warblers (including 4 immatures), a
slew of Louisiana Waterthrush, and one of each of Yellow-billed and
Black-billed Cuckoos.

After leaving Three Creeks and cooling off a bit in the car (so muggy out
today!), we drove down to Eagle Bluffs CA to see if there were any
interesting waterfowl.  There wasn't much in the Katy Pool besides Killdeer
and blackbirds, but there were tons of Herons/Egrets about in Eagle Bluffs
proper.  Also seen were a single Prothonotary Warbler in amongst a group of
Yellow-breasted Chats (the YBCH were lifers for me).  Also seen were a pair
of Orchard Orioles and a possible Black Vulture, although I didn't count it
because it was probably a Turkey Vulture.  Other 'possibles' were a Green
Heron flyover that we couldn't spot in the bins fast enough (it was going
the opposite direction we were in the car) and a *very likely*
Double-Crested Cormorant.  We looked in Pool 10 for the Common Moorhen I and
others saw earlier this season, but could not relocate it.  There were also
no Rails, Sora, or Bitterns in Pool 11 (not that there have been since early
May).  We did not make it back to the Sapp Tract.

In all, saw 42 species at Three Creeks CA and 30 species at Eagle Bluffs CA
(with several repeats).  Not a bad day of birding for July!

Cheers, good birding, and a Happy Independence Day,
Chase Darr (and Phillip Murphy)
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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