Since no one else did this.
(for map, type in "Columbia, IL" at )

Directions from St. Louis:
I-255 south to Columbia, IL
- Take Rt. 3 exit off of I-255 into Columbia
- Take Palmer Road exit, 
- Turn right onto Palmer to go past Red Roof Convenience Store
and the next 4 way stop sign.
- Turn right at this stop sign, "Dd" road
- Turn rt. on to Ramsey Road, this will take you north toward 
I-255 and past the River Lakes Golf course. Follow this west
along I-255 to next road.
- Turn right on to Fish Lake Road, this will take you North over the interstate.
( has this road as "Levee"  but sign on road is "Fish Lake")
- Turn LEFT on "Bb" road - sign is messed with and hard to read/understand.
- Follow "Bb" road straight to the levee. 
- Turn right on to this road (Levee Road on the GPS &
 Follow this road north for ~ 2.0 miles to where the paved road turns to
gravel (county line?) and there are 2 mailboxes together. One is 1700, other 1704 Bottoms Rd.
One of the mailboxes is round. One box has the name Stevens on it 

North of the house look east for the fluddles that had the TWO Ibis and ducks.
There's flooded fields along this levee for a bit along the Levee Road if the birds
are not here.

Hope this helps.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co. 

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