Quick and dirty report........

MO birds:
5 BLACK TERNS at RMBS were very cool.
46+ Least Terns pretty cool too.

IL birds:
Belleville SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCs. - M & F remain and are attempting to re-nest on the same electrical
pole. Copulation was observed.

Monroe co. WHITE IBIS - we dipped at 1 PM, thought people had it in the AM, but sounds like
several did NOT have it and only a few did (yes? no? maybe?) 
Lorrie Vit did see the bird out and feeding in the evening.

St. Clair/Monroe co Dark Ibis (north side of I-255) - TWO birds seen, one adult and one juvie.
BTW, the mailboxes on "Levee Road" at 1700/1704 say the address is Bottom Road. 
GPS said it was Levee road.
Have not looked at DeLorme that well yet, but think it is labeled as "Levee".  
Can't stay awake any longer.....Good chasing, nitie-ni.....zzzz
Charlene Malone
St. L co. 

Why does it smell like gun powder outside..??

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