There were 150+ shorebirds at the Thompson River Wetland NW of town this a.m. This has been a good area for returning shorebirds the first week of July when the conditions are right. Some really nice mudflats out there right now with the drawing down of the main pool. the group today included - 
!4 Willets
1 Hudsonian Godwit
2 Marbled Godwit
several Short-billed Dowitcher
many- Lesser Yellowlegs
several Greater Yellowlegs
1 - Solitary Sandpiper
 several Least Sandpiper
 many Killdeer
 could have been some others but was looking through light drizzle the whole time I was there.
 It was neat to hear the MAGO calling - one of those cool "primitive" type sounds. BTW -Birds of Missouri, Robbins & Easterla gives earliest July date: 1,21 July 1968, Squaw Creek {FL} for this species. Don't know what has been reported since?
Steve Kinder
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