It's not just Illinois.  I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have always said the positive anymore.  It's midwestern but broader than Illinois.  I have to explain that a lot anymore.

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> Nancy Gish wrote:
> Perhaps it sounds more standard to you to say "I can only. . . ," but
> it is perfectly standard to say "I only can. . ." also.
I don't read Peter so I don't know what his complait is, but on
alternative negative/positive ways of saying something --

In central and southern Illinois people will say something like, "We set
the table early anymore." As far as I know, everyplace else in the
anglophone world "anymore" is only used in negative constructions, "I
don't do such and such anymoe," but in this one small area it's used in
positive constructions, "I do such anymore."