Interesting, but on first blush I am somewhat suspicious.
Why is this info coming out only now?

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        Veiled Theory: The Transmutation of Anthropology in T. S. Eliot's Critical Method
        By Adam Trexler
        Paragraph (A Journal of Modern Critical Theory, Edinburgh University Press),  Volume 29, Number 3, November 2006, pp. 77-94 

        "[T]he article argues that Eliot's early critical theory depended on the paradigms of anthropology and occultism, developed during his philosophical investigation of anthropology and Leibniz. From this investigation, Eliot created an occult project that used spiritual monads as facts to progress toward the Absolute. The article goes on to argue that Eliot's methodology of reading was shaped by anthropology's and occultism's paradigms of non-academic, non-specialist reading societies that sought a super-historic position in human history through individual progress."

        And now critical ramifications of "the occult" !!!