Dear Carrol,
Those facts call for reform.  I only affirmed the principles.  You will not find me validating any of these failures to live by principle, but they do not touch on my point.  I just asked where you find better priniciples--or, for that matter, any place that lives by their own principles, whatever they are.  Maybe Butan.
Someone said that all land is held by someone who stole it from someone else.  I can't think of exceptions.  None of this makes it ok or admirable or consistent with any ideal.  Neither does it mean there is some other structure that does or would work in a constant, decent, nonviolent, egalitarian, humane way.  Where? I suppose sooner or later someone will ask again, "Have you no shame at long last?"  Probably not sooner.  It seems to me the principled stand is to call for adherence to the principles and to due process rather than to insist on the fact of their violations as if it proved there were a utopia somewhere we could emulate if we only would.

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The U.S. State Department can place any organization on the list of
Terrorist groups. No review.

The Supreme Court has recently upheld a law which makes it a felony to
SPEAK in defense of such a group.