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On Sunday morning June 20 there was an adult black and white head striped White-throated Sparrow singing near our back porch.  We have lots in winter and well into May.  This is the latest I have seen or heard one.  I am assuming it has been hanging around but I haven’t been paying close attention.  Once my wife learned the name of the singer she said that it had been singing on other day earlier in the month.  I find four summer records in Robbins and Easterla Birds of Missouri…. But I suspect there have been a few others since, but it is still listed as a summer accidental. 


After listening to the white throat from the east porch over coffee and a cool morning  around 0530 , it took me about 15 mins or so before it finally sunk in that I should see this bird,  just to be sure that I wasn’t mistaking it for a really cool mockingbird or starling.  It took about 30 seconds for it to come into about 20 feet from the porch and sit on a grape vine in clear view.  Very bright yellow loral spot too.  I will listen again and check around for more and maybe even do a nest search.




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