I started out this morning at St. Stanislaus CA in St. Louis Co. Overall things were pretty slow (I had almost as many three-toed box turtles as migrant species) but I did have both a Willow and Alder Flycatcher calling from within 100 yards of the parking lot... ALFL was right next to the Charbonier bridge, WIFL was about 50 yards down the trail that goes south from Charbonier/Aubuchon. Note: You must come in from the east, Aubuchon is flooded coming from 370.

At CBCA I had many of the same birds as seen by others today (briefly bumped into the group, hi y'all), but missed on the Black-billed Cuckoo, the Black-necked Stilts and a few others. I did see a couple different things, two Mississippi Kites and two Caspian Terns when I checked out the southernmost portion of the area. There is a lot of sheet mud south of the southernmost gravel road that isn't visible without walking in via a service road... but it was empty today.

Phil Wire
Edwardsville, IL
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