Robertsville State Park is in Franklin County west and south of Shaw Nature Reserve.
Birds of Note:  Henslow Sparrows including one seen, multiples heard
                      Prairie Warbler several heard, none seen well
                      Female Blue Grosbeak on fence, in tree and flying
                      Red-shouldered Hawk posing in dead trees with occasional screams
                      Multiple Turkey Vulture kettles
                      Stunning Yellow-breasted Chat low in a tree in full sun WOW!
                      Eastern Kingbirds   Eastern Bluebirds
                      Brown-headed Cowbirds romancing to start trouble
                      Several Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in trees, tiny next to hawks
                      Red-tailed Hawks flying
                      Field Sparrows singing everywhere
                      One Green Heron spooked from little pond near entrance
                      Cliff, Barn and Rough-winged Swallows, Purple Martins
                      N Mockingbirds flashing their white and gray feathers
                      Orchard Oriole
                      Various "blackbirds" including Red-winged and Eastern Meadowlarks
                      Field Sparrows singing their sweet songs from every meadow
                      Chipping Sparrow
                      Summer Tanager heard
                      Common Yellowthroats singing, N Parulas ditto  
                      E Wood Pewees sounding off and Cedar Waxwings up a register
                      Fish and American Crows seen/heard by some
                      Warbling Vireo seen and heard
                      Killdeer seen   N Bobwhites heard   Mallards   Canada Geese
And at the Labadie "bottoms" near Labadie power plant:
                     One or more Lark Sparrows flashing their striking dark/white tail
                     Unexpected:   2 Bald Eagles in field
                     More TV's   More E Kingbirds   More Field Sparrows   N Cardinals
It was a hot day, less humid later than early, with a mild breeze.  There might have been a few more species but at Robertsville SP the road was closed from a little beyond the picnic circle down to the river.  As always, apologies for overlooked sightings and hearings.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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