Most of you are familiar with the Audubon Society of Missouri's (ASM) programs of CACHE and SPARKS, the agreements with Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to collect and enter bird occurrence data on the ASM website.  

These data are to generate dynamic printable checklists and to maintain a record of species occurrence for each site.  

An additional result/service to wildlife managers and birders is a quick-finding method to locate probable species occurrence by site and date.

I am preparing documents for the two state agencies to report our efforts of the past year.  All conservation areas and state parks are included in our efforts, but a few parks and areas are chosen each year for special emphasis.

Below are the current figures for the SPARKS focus parks and the CACHE target areas.  Our efforts have not been uniform.  This is not surprising, given a variety of factors.  BUT, you may be able to add a significant contribution to our efforts.

1.  Have you visited one of these parks or conservation areas in the past year, but not made a trip report entry into SPARKS or CACHE?  If you have a trip list from that visit, you can still enter it and contribute to the effort.

2.  If you are planning a birding trip in the near future (as an individual or as a group field trip), please consider visiting one of the sites below and recording the birds seen in the CACHE or SPARKS database.

Thanks to all for your data contributions in support of improving our knowledge of Missouri bird occurrence.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator 


Bennett Spring SP:   130 species
11.25 hours    23 trips/data entries; 7 in 2009-10

Big Oak Tree SP:  131 species
112.00 hours  28 trips/data entries; 13 in 2009-10


Ha Ha Tonka SP:  104 species
16.33 hours   41 trips/data entries;  6 in 2009-10

Johnson Shut-Ins SP:  112 species  
4.67 hours   3 trips/data entries; 1 in 2009-10

 Long Branch SP:  149 species
72.67 hours   121 trips/data entries;  54 in 2009=10

Meramec SP:  120 species
21.25 hours   42 trips/data entries; 7 in 2009-10


Pershing SP:  188 species
17.92 hours   76 trips/data entries; 13 in 2009-10

Prairie SP:  154 species
65.42 hours    90 trips/data entries; 7 in 2009-10

Trail of Tears SP:  187 species
130.50 hours    121 trips/data entries; 26 in 2009-10

Weston Bend SP:  140 species
46.17 hours   67 trips/data entries; 12 in 2009-10


Big Creek CA:  120 species
43.83 hours   29 visits,   11 in 2009/10   

Bohigian (George) CA:  147 species
90.67 hours   37 visits,   26 in 2009/10   


Bois D'Arc CA:  90 species
41.25 hours   23 visits,  12 in 2009/10  

Duck Creek CA (Greenbrier Unit):  180 species
263.83 hours    96 visits,  61 in 2009/10   


Little Dixie Lake CA:  167 species
199.83 hours  174 visits,   99 in 2009/10    

Little Prairie CA:   196 species
253.75 hours   284 visits,   95 in 2009/10    


Perry (Ralph and Martha) Mem CA:   138 species
74.67 hours   30 visits,  22  in 2009/10   

Platte Falls CA:   148 species
68.08 hours    48 visits,   11 in 2009/10   


Prairie Home CA:   142 species
125.83 hours   51 visits,   33 in 2009/10    

St. Stanislaus CA:   107 species
44.75 hours    16 visits,    6 in 2009/10   
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