Bohigian CA is a priority location for ASM this year and there are about ten of us that serve on the technical team put together by Dr. Bohigian, I am the only birder and I see the need for a comprehensive breeding bird survey across the whole 447 acres.
I would think five to seven volunteers plus some of us local birders working in teams can cover the whole area, this will give us fove to seven two person team.
We will start at 5:30 am and bird until 10:30 or so on Saturday June 19th. If you are from out of town you are welcome to stay at my house Friday evening the 18th, I will put on some burgers and beer and we can hang out on the deck before hitting the sack. We will all drive down and meet at the 1869 rough hewed oak and pine house (you will love this place) and go from there. I will have routes made out for every team and we will use the ASM Annotated Check-List for documentation
If you would like to volunteer for this project I would very much appreciate the support and help. Email me off line if you can drive down to Rolla and help us out.
Bohigian is unique to the Ozarks, it has wetlands, a fen, mixed deciduous and some conifer forest, old fields, a lake, areas of karst topography, glades, multiple springs, a Blue Ribbon trout stream and other unique features. WE are looking at doing some comprehensive habitat work over the next two to five years and we need a base line for breeding birds; ergo, the need for this survey.
Check CACHE for current list of birds.
Thanks to all.
Bird by bird I've come to know the earth.
Pablo Neruda.
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