A pair of Barn Owls is nesting in Howard County, MO, and is currently feeding  about 9 young.


The landowner called and said they had put up a box in their barn in March this year when they saw the owls in the area and the birds immediately flew to the box and have now be successful at fledging young.


If you are interested in seeing the birds Sue can be contacted at 660-728-1342.  Sue has agreed to let birders see the birds if they call and make arrangements in advance.  


Their farm is located in Howard Co on County Route A  north of Highway 124, which is west of Harrisburg (Boone County). Going north from 124 about 2-3 miles their home is the first on the west side of CR A about a third of a mile  south the intersection with of County Road 114 or about a mile north of the intersection with County Road 102.


They are very conservation-minded folks who have been planting trees, building ponds, and doing other conservation practices. The area seems to have lots of grasslands and right now Sue says there are lots of voles in the area. 




Brad Jacobs

Missouri Department of Conservation

P.O.Box 180

Jefferson City , MO 65102

573-751-4115 ext 3648


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