One more trip to southern Barry County for the spring migration yielded 22 warbler species Saturday.  The highlight of the day was standing on FR1230 upstream from Roaring River Spring and hearing three Worm-Eating Warblers, one Hooded Warbler, four Cerulean Warblers, plus a Blue-winged Warbler and Yellow-breasted Chat in a brushy area nearby, all singing simultaneously.  We also got visuals on those species as well as Magnolia, Chestnut-sided, and Wilson’s Warblers nearby.  Before 30 minutes had passed, the flurry ended with a singing Golden-winged Warbler that eluded site.  It was a fun half hour of birding!


Blue-winged Warbler 6

Golden-winged Warbler 1

Tennessee Warbler 1

Northern Paurla 8

Yellow Warbler 1

Chestnut-sided Warbler 1

Magnolia Warbler 1

Yellow-throated Warbler 6

Pine Warbler 1

Prairie Warbler 3

Cerulean Warbler 6

Black & White Warbler 8

American Redstart –lots in the campground

Prothonotary Warbler 1

Worm-eating Warbler 6

Ovenbird 7

Louisiana Waterthrush 4

Kentucky Warbler 5

Common Yellowthroat 2

Hooded Warbler 5

Wilson’s Warbler 1

Yellow-breasted Chat 3


Also conducted the seasonal survey on the Roaring River State Park Glade habitats on Sunday.  Four glades yielded about 20 Prairie Warblers by voice.  No Painted Buntings this trip.


Jerry & Margie Williams

Republic, Mo.

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