Hey MO-Birders,

I have a query for the board regarding a species ID.  I will try to get
pictures in the next day or two provided the weather holds out and the bird
I've been seeing returns to the same grove of trees outside my lab.

For context, my lab is located about 1/4 mile from Hinkson Creek in the
"Reactor Park" at the Mizzou campus.  We have mixed woodlands (mostly
hardwoods with some planted firs and a single pine) and grassy areas. 
Across the road is a small pond surrounded by first growth scrub forest and
a more mature forest beyond.  The bird I've seen seems slightly larger than
a standard warbler, maybe 6 inches from 'stem to stern'.  It has a clean
yellow throat and chest, white belly, and yellow undertail.  Wings are
steely gray with two prominent white wing bars.  Head is a mask-less,
bib-less dingy yellow/green with very thin wisps of gray on top of the head
running parallel to the spine.  I can't remember off-hand the color of the
beak, but it was 1/4 to 1/2 inch long.

I have a few guesses, but none of them fit the description 100%.  

As I said, I will try to get a picture up in the next day or two (provided
my wife lets me borrow her camera).  Any ideas feel free to e-mail me off or
on-board if you feel it would help the rest of the birders.  I appreciate
all of your help!

Chase Darr
Columbia, Boone Co, MO
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