Columbia Bottom Conservation Area:

Locations of birds in case people want to look for them:

ALDER Flycs.- at the end of the asphalt road where the gate is closing off 
the confluence area,
the slough with the overlook. These have been heard/seen here in past years.
BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO - also seen in this same area.
WILLOW Flycs - cottonwoods/willows along the asphalt road at the first artsy 
parking lot.
BELL'S VIREO - heard in this area too.
I have only heard a Bell's here ONCE a few years ago.

Riverlands MBS
Jim saw only one LEAST TERN flying around by the gas station.
Kayak races going on in Ellis Bay.
He did not look on the barge.

Charlene Malone (reporting for Jim Malone)
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St. Louis co.

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