Back on line after weeks of trying to get my computer up an running after a 
hard drive crash.

I went to Eagle Bluffs last Sunday. The highlight for me was a large flock 
of black terns - maybe 50+ birds doing areal maneuvers  over the 
distribution channel. They were beautiful to watch, especially when they 
turned direction on a dime and swooped down to pick something off the 
surface of the water.

The other highlight was the scissor-tailed flycatcher(s). I saw a male and a 
female. I first noticed the male perched on the electrical wires. He spent 
some time preening in between feeding flights. I noticed that he seemed to 
keep looking over his shoulder. When I looked in the direction he was 
looking in I saw a red tailed hawk in the distance perched on another 
telephone pole about 5 poles away. Finally the scissor tail took and flew 
directly towards the red tail. It was then I noticed that a female female 
scissor tail dive bombing the red tail. The male joined in the fray, which 
dislodged the red tail from the pole. The two scissor tails then proceeded 
to chase the red tail down the line of telephone poles. I actually observed 
the female riding on the back of the red tail for a few seconds, with the 
red tail obviously trying to shake her off. The drama between the scissor 
tails and the red tail probably lasted for no more than a minute or two, but 
it was amazing to see the two little birds cooperating to drive off the 

Mark Gutchen
Columbia, MO

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> We went to Eagle Bluffs today.  I wasn't going to report because I thought 
> everything was pretty much "the usuals", but when inputing to Cache I 
> thought of a couple to mention.  As usual we didn't get there very early, 
> 8:55AM.
> Sightings of note:
> Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - 1
> Sandhill Crane - 1
> American White Pelican - 1
> Yellow-billed Cuckoo - 1 or 2, my first of the year
> The only ducks I found were Wood Ducks, one mother with little ones. 
> There was possibly a couple others, but I didn't put up my scope.
> Also, I only found 3 Coots.  Surely there were others hiding.
> Didn't find the Least bittern, probably because of time of day!
> Fish Crow - 1 vocalizing.
> The rest, "the usuals", on Cache.
> Kathleen Anderson, Columbia
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