- Riverlands MBS:
Road under Clark Bridge still closed, no water but lots of debris.
Road to Dam and Maple Island still closed

Saw Sterna Terns fly down the River, probably Commons.

Still hearing Marsh Wrens near the green blind east of Heron Pond.

- Confluence SP road now closed 
Heard a "fitz-bew" at the Maintenance Buildings at the closed entrance
but could not find exactly from where it came. 

- Columbia Bottom
Got cloudy and suddenly cooler which seemed to please the birds as they suddenly
became quite vocal. Sun came out and it heated up, vocalization was less. 
Did not hear the Bell's Vireos or Willow Flyc at the first kiosk.
Asphalt road open to the very end despite the water being right at the edge of road.
Still lots of Cedar Waxwings along this road. No B-B Cuckoo for me. 
Early AM probably would have been more productive.

Some dopey woman walking her UNLEASHED dogs in the waterfowl refuge area. (pool 1 & 2)
She was letting the dogs run around in the marshy areas willy-nilly.  
Hope there weren't any breeding marsh birds back there.
Saw a large group of Pelicans in Pool 1 where she was headed. They probably got spooked too.
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co. 

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