Finally, I believe that at least one Least Bittern is at Pool 11!   
Being a native Missourian, I didn't doubt all those sightings and the  
photo, but, well...

I got to Pool 11 about 6:30 and heard (remember, I'm hearing  
impaired--that is, not quite as deaf as a post, but  close) the soft  
calls of the LEBI in the Pool, close to the parking area about 6:40.   
It called sporadically, and came slowly closer to the corner of the  
pool.  At 6:55 it appeared at the open side of the cattails near the  
corner.  It sat for 5 minutes, then climbed the stalk and took off,  
flying laboriously across the end of the one-way loop road and into  
the small stand of cattails near the gate at the entrance of the  
loop.  What a beauty!

A female Hooded Merganser was atop a Wood Duck box visible from the  
road through a gap in the willows at Pool 8.

Marsh Wren and Common Moorhen called from the restroom marsh, but  
would not show themselves.

Full list will be on CACHE.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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