An unsuccessful jaunt today for a look at a Black-billed Cuckoo was  
equally unsuccessful in turning up a Least Bittern. Marge Lumpe, Jan  
Neale and I were joined by Howard Hinkel and then Alice Robinson as  
we watched a group of 13 terns come in along the Distribution  
Channel.  They landed on three wood duck boxes, occasionally  
shuffling among the boxes.  Twelve were Common Terns, one was a  
Forster's.  The latter was persona non grata on the boxes.  It would  
approach, seek a spot to land and be met with agressive open beaks  
and beating wings.

We also saw an odd duck in the water between the roads of the 2nd one- 
way loop.  Apparently a female, it appeared to be a mix of Ring- 
billed Duck and a scaup, perhaps a Greater, as the bill and nail were  
very large.  More white with the "Nike swoosh" showed on the left  
flank, there was a tan ring around the neck, and no white in the face.

One Cattle Egret was in the same area and at Pool 11.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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