Yes, fully understand someone can accidentally go onto anothers property
in Monroe county when one is traveling the levee roads (think there
is/was an issue about farmers closing parts of the levee road but
not a topic to discuss here.)  
Also one can unknowingly be in someone's way on the road when you
stop suddenly in the heat of the moment when a bird is seen. 
I've been there and done that with no malicious intend behind it, but the guy
behind you is not always thinking that, if you know what I mean.  
Bluff Road is well traveled and notorious for speeders in that area, so
when stopping for a bird one has to be very aware of any traffic on this road. 

I am not talking about that.   
The conscious act of parking in someone else's driveway is the issue
which is not thought of kindly by the landowners in this area. (probably
not wise to turn around in farmers' driveways either) 
I am just reminding birders to put themselves in the farmers shoes out there, be
aware of one's surroundings and because of already tenuous relationships,
to be on one's very best behavior. 

Jim and I have not had any problems out there either that I can recall,
but know of other birders that have. Think it's been mostly locals giving
one finger waves and honking....... Not aware of anything worse than that
with birders anyway.    

'Nuff said. 
Gotta' get some work done.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.   

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