I just had to share this story as it gets more and more interesting.  A few weeks ago I put up a new oriole feeder out in the backyard and it was immediately occupied by a male Baltimore.  He, I believe, then decided to claim my hickory tree in my front yard as his singing territory and then he decided to forgo the back feeder and began to feed on a hummingbird feeder right on the front porch.  He's quite bright orange and very vocal.  Two other baltimores have joined him at this feeder, both of lighter orange than he.  A few days ago I got an orchard oriole (breeding) at the same feeder and then yesterday a first year orchard.  They appear to be almost in my front room and what a joy they have been and continue to be.  I also got my first female Rose-breasted Grosbeak today.  Most of my white-crowned sparrows are now gone.  I feel like I'm in oriole heaven since last year was the first time I'd had orioles (both species) and now they've practically moved in with me, 
Jenny Gunn
East Ozarks Audubon
Bonne Terre, MO (St. Francois County)

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